How Much Does App Development Cost? (iOS & Android)

14 Nov

The most common question which arises in the mind when we develop an application is the price of development. Whether you are going to develop any type of application for any operating system, its price is one of the most important things to consider. There is no fixed price for developing an application. The cost of development will depend upon various things related to the approached application.

You can estimate the overall price of development but you cannot predict the actual and last price of developing an application. If you are looking to develop a simple information application, it can cost you around $100 to $500 dollars. But, if you are looking for a business or any other featured website with lots of functions, you may have to pay more than $10000 too. The game development may cost you slightly more than this. So, In this article, we will not discuss the actual prices of the applications as per their types or features. But, we will know about the aspects which can affect the overall cost of development when you are with Indian app developers.

The things which may affect the overall development costs of your application

Do people have to log in?

As per your needs, you can let the users do logins on your applications. The login might be for social media, email marketing or simply using an application. Adding this feature in your application will increase the development cost for sure.

Integrations in the applications

As per the purpose of the application, you may have to integrate lots of third party platforms in your applications. They might be the payment gateways, shopping websites, ad networks or any other feature. These integrations will also increase the costs of development.

The app backend and API development

As per your needs, the developers might integrate different API and create an app backend. So, when it comes to these development works, the prices may increase if you are looking for innovative backend and premium APIs.


If you want to keep your applications simple and without any additional effect, you may have to pay fewer amounts, But, if you want different animations and other tangible user interfaces, you will surely have to pay more amount to your developer teams.

Quality and testing

If you want to make your app fully functional with various features inside it, your development teams have to perform various additional actions for this. Lots of quality testing and other efforts may be required to make your app much more amazing. The testing steps will ensure the effectiveness of the developed app. But, using advanced testing procedures will also increase the costs of development.


The security is another crucial thing to consider while developing any applications or other online platforms. It is necessary to add the necessary security parameters in an application to make it fully safe and secure for the users. But, if you want to add some extra and advanced features, you will have to pay more for this. For example, if your application is developed for doing huge online transactions, it is required to use some extra security features to keep all the activities secured. This will eventually increase the overall prices of your app development.